Testing code in mobile development
Pankaj Agarwal
December 12, 2017

Learning new things brings happiness and confidence. I personally feel very good when I get the chance to learn new technology and features.
As I like react native for mobile development I started learning the testing capability of this framework.There are various articles and tutorials available on the internet here I am sharing my thought on testing in mobile development or React Native with code.

Writing test cases in mobile development is a bit different from the web development. As mobile phones have some limitation on in the hardware, network connectivity, and screen so we have to write a different kind of test cases like performance testing, internet availability, UI component with different screen sizes and of course the Unit testing for our custom logic.

In React Native we use Jest for writing the test cases you can read more about this on this here.

There are some areas where we need to use different tools and strategies from the traditional testing.

I will share more as I move further with different types of testing in mobile.