Training for effective communication
Nishanth KD
October 15, 2019

We’ve struggled with communication.

First, in about 80% of all interviews, we observe prospects failing at communication. Whether they are from reputed Tier 1, Tier 2 colleges or not so known Tier 3 colleges. Second, those who got picked showed large scope for further improvement. Third, when we internally evaluated our team, we found we could also do better.

If the world preaches communication is important, why isn’t the world good at it? We were bothered by this question and decided to explore further.


Conceptualising the communication workshop

Conceptualising the communication workshop

Why is communication missing?

From the early years of education, our education system promotes individual contributors through grades rather than collaborative learning and group rewards. 

Society amplifies this by idolising students who work harder and achieve the best results. From the start of our lives, we’re trained to not communicate, not share because progress comes from individual efforts and hard work, not through collaboration.

Creating a communication workshop

Convinced that the problem is real we’ve designed a communication workshop for our team which addresses social and behavioural questions around communication. Since the problem is deep-rooted into our upbringing, the first step is awareness. The workshop begins with a psychometric evaluation of communication. After the evaluation, there are 3 discussions and exercises on

  1. Elements of effective communication,
  2. Problems due to lack of communication.
  3. Social and behavioural issues that limit our capacity to improve.


Elements of effective communication

Elements of effective communication


Once we address these questions and the audience is open to the idea of improving their communication, we proceed to discuss steps to improve communication.

We’ve made our communication training and workshops available for colleges and professional teams.  If you resonate with these challenges write to us at and we’d be delighted to contribute to your journey as well.