The two pillars of an organization
Vaibhav Rathore
November 25, 2017

A success of an organization depends on several factors. It’s team, it’s products, it’s customer base and relationships, it’s tech and a lot more. These may vary depending on team size, the targeted audience and market. But the two things which are always there, irrespective of what the organization size (could be a solo freelancer or an MNC) are:


I. Processes

Process seems an easy term. But it’s not. The foundation of a company is built on a protocol that the company decides to go with. Processes are never 100% perfect, and as I’ve mentioned before, there’ll always be constraints. An organization keeps evolving and so does it’s underlying processes.

Process seems a difficult term. But it’s not. Processes are nothing more than common sense. Everybody knows a priority task should be handled first. Everyone knows breaking down a big task into smaller ones helps ship things faster and with the correct method. Divide and rule. Be it software development or rocket science.


II. Communication

Communication gives individuals within an organization to express themselves and share ideas. But most of all, it provides transparency. Having an overall transparency of everything under execution, new items, delays or priority changes, helps the whole team to be in sync with the progress. If there’s any tension or urgencies, sharing it with the team always helps and results in a solution. That’s why social clubs and community groups exist. Their solo motive is to share and solve. And an organization is nothing different, except the fact that you solve a problem to reach a common goal. That’s how successful businesses work.