Walk before Running
Tushar Bohra
November 24, 2017

I remember reading about an analogy where life is compared to walking reverse on an escalator.


If you don’t move, with every passing moment you are going backwards.
If you do walk, you’ll just be staying in the place that you were.
But if you run and hustle, only then you start making progress and moving forward.


We at ColoredCow call this tactical and strategic responsibility. Tactical responsibility is like walking on an escalator. If you don’t do it, its not possible to survive. If you comfortable with the tactical stuff, you start taking care of the strategic stuff, which is the hustle that is required to move forward.


Every business has its own need. There are tactical things that everyone must absolutely do. Doing them won’t take you further but help in keeping the ship afloat. To take the ship forward, you need to run (or act strategically). Everyone wants to run and move forward, but the truth is that, we can run only after we we are able to walk comfortably.


But what if, while hustling you fall down?


Things have their own way of working out and they do tend to go bad from time to time. What do we do then?


We go back to the basics. Get comfortable walking and deal with the tactical situation and then start running again.