Why fill a form?
November 13, 2017

Form filling isn’t usually anyone’s favorite hobby, you don’t sit down one fine Sunday morning and decide, “It is a beautiful day, I’ll fill forms today!”.


Taking out time to write about yourself, what you aspire to do, the way you think is a conscious effort, so why do it? Why fill this form?


CodeTrek registration form


Fill this form

  • If you have a strong desire to learn and grow your skills
  • If you have been looking for mentorship and guidance that can help you do better
  • If you want to progress ahead in your career
  • if you want to create a strong impression


A 15-minute interview will never give you what a form can- Freedom to express yourself.



You can take your time to frame your answers, choose the best ones and present yourself in the way you want.


Every place where there is a selection criterion, you fight your way in. The seats are limited and the opportunities are few. If you don’t give your best, the competition won’t let you win. Your form is the advantage that takes you far ahead than others.


So why miss out an opportunity where you can create a strong first impression and win the game?