Why React Native?
Pankaj Agarwal
November 29, 2017

I love to do mobile development at my college. I developed some mobile apps for my college events.

When It comes to technology I have always been doubtful of cross-platform mobile development frameworks like Cordova and ionic because they use the mobile browser or HTML 5 base engine to run the application and after putting so much effort they end up with a look, feel, and performance that does not match the native platforms.

One of our clients want us to build his application in React native and that’s how I started learning React Native. If you’re new to React Native, it’s a Facebook’s open source project. It provides a way to build a cross-platform mobile app with the help of Javascript. The main difference between react native and other hybrid mobile development framework is that it uses the native mobile engine to run the app.

When I created my first app in React Native I was convinced that this is the future of mobile development.It took few days to me to learn all basic concepts and start building the app. Though It has some performance issue with windows machine but developing an app in React Native On Mac OS is a fun in itself.

Now it’s been a year I am working on this technology and developing mobile apps in ColoredCow. I recently took a boot camp session of React Naive in Code Trek. It was a great experience I really enjoyed it. It was a 4-5 days session and we developed a mobile app to solve the real time problem. I personally feel more confident in React Native.