Women in Colored Cow
June 20, 2015

It was 12 minutes past 8 in the night and I saw 3 women coming out of the meeting room, all of them from different age groups. I did not dare ask for their ages, they looked vibrant and enthusiastic. I should be crazy to have bound their energies by talking about their ages. They are Mridu, Mathangi and Indu, the very first women in ColoredCow. In my life I have hardly seen this combination of  start-ups and women, mostly because the start-ups can’t really guarantee a workplace with such environment. ColoredCow conforms to the necessity of the people who are building it. Your gender doesn’t matter here, if you have a concern, share it, and they’ll be all ears. I come here from other end of the city and it takes over two hours but, this place is just too amazing to resist. I could stay here all day long and not get bored, though Prateek does get paranoid about our safety while travelling at night and that is sweet of him.

Statistically speaking, the women to men ratio in ColoredCow is 2:3, I have not seen this ratio at any place I’ve been before. To maintain this ratio, or even making it better, is what we aim for in ColoredCow. There are things that are even more reassuring about the safety at this place, the work timings. It’s you who shall decide your timings. Come whenever you feel is most safest.



– Aishwarya Sharma