Write To Share
Adiba Ahmed
April 12, 2017

As humans, we are gifted with an evolved way of communication. We not only express ourselves through words and gestures but also through intricate ways like music, art, and literature. Each of these forms of expressions gives us an advantage of expressing what we think and feel with clarity. This clarity in expression helps us in creating strong communication channels.


In an organization, clarity of expression plays a pivotal role. It helps in getting the right kind of work done, in the right amount of time without any wastage of time, resources, and energy. This is possible only if people are able to express themselves efficiently if done so the instructions are understood clearly and doubts are raised and answered properly.


To create smooth communication pathways we make it a point to motivate everyone who joins us to express themselves more. This not only bridges gaps but also prevents in creating any.


We have seen over the time that writing as an expression of communication has helped people in this process. I remember writing my first-day experience with ColoredCow and when I think of it now, I know that being able to express myself helped me in creating a stronger bond. I see a similar pattern in experiences people have shared before me like Aishwarya’s first-day experience (I met ColoredCows today) and even the recent ones like Shubham’s (My first day at ColoredCow).


As we believe writing helps us in expressing better, we carry it out irrespective of what our expertise is. We all make an attempt to write and share our learnings from time to time. For instance, Tushar recently shared his experience of implementing access control in laravel, similarly sometimes back Nishant and Vaibhav were solving an invoicing issue and Vaibhav decided to share his experience of how they made invoicing easy so that other developers can also benefit out of it.


With the comprehensive ability to converse comes the desire to share, to let others be part of our accumulated learning. This aspect of human nature has helped us in transferring knowledge which over the centuries have helped us to grow and evolve as a race.


This desire of sharing information has amplified in recent times and we now live in a knowledge era where the internet, search engines and open source contribute in creating the world which is just a couple of clicks away.


While building something there are times when like everyone we encounter roadblocks, critical issues that would need multiple rounds of brainstorming and a lot of research. We understand the mammoth effort it takes because there might not be ample information available about it. So at times like these, we make it a point to share our stories so that others who face that kind of fix can solve it with a tried and tested method.


In a broader sense, there is a simple joy in sharing, in being able to help others in finding solutions. This thought is not just restricted to writing but is seen in everything we do, be it our services, products or work practices.


As a global community, all of us share the responsibility to make it easy for each other, to progress together. Sharing what we learn helps us in contributing to the vast information pool that exists around us. And we hope that somewhere down the line it may help someone treading the same path, struggling with same problems, like once we did.