Building over Learning
Tushar Bohra
December 4, 2017

Learning is a lifelong activity and it never ends. But the journey does not start with learning. It starts with building.


When I was in college, a couple of my seniors needed a web platform to prepare for some online tests. I hardly knew HTML back then, let alone PHP.  I still thought of giving it a try. When I met them next after a week, my app was fully functional.


Was it perfect? No.


Did it got the job done? Absolutely!


How confident was I after building the platform? 500%


There is a huge value in having the confidence to build and being able to ship something out. We can wait for the day, when we have learned everything and build the perfect application. Or we can let perfection wait, and go out and start building.


When someone is starting with web development, do they want to know and follow the best coding practices in a language? Or do they just want to build their first page that shows does something cool. Something that gives them the sense of achievement and progress.


Experience is the best teacher, and the ability to learn on the go is amazing.


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