Auditing websites in sync with changing times and market requirements
How to upgrade when attachment to the old website hinders change


To be in pace with the fast changing world it is no longer an option but a mandatory requirement to keep upgrading. With technology advancements and continuous inflow of information, it becomes imperative as a business to keep track of market pulse.


Resonating with what target audience is looking for has always been the route to growth and progress, in this digital era you just need to go a step ahead and show that resonance in your digital image. An image that justifies your work.



Keeping this need in mind we assist organizations in finding the missing elements in their websites. We have audited websites of different web agencies, to help them update. The aim is to bring out an image that blends with the current times. This is essential in terms of new customers as it creates a strong impact that aptly showcases your expertise and helps customer to remember you.


With continuous rush of information, the consumer of today has too many options and too little time to check what you have created with so much hard work. It is easy to get lost in the crowd unless you decide to stand out and create a lasting impression.


Observations from Rock, Paper, Scissor Website


The auditing process starts with the design proposals which are created by analyzing the present market standing of our clients and the changing trends. The focus is to bring out the right image they want to project to their customers. The guiding principle for the design is focused on providing better user experience and usability.


While performing auditing for web agencies we created our analysis on the basis of our design philosophies. The main aspects on which we focus are:


  • Highlighting user journey to influence new customers. Through this, we showcase what the agency can do best. The implementation is done in such a way that the new customer can understand the company with minimum effort.
  • Providing competition analysis to gain new customers. We focus on simplistic design that is memorable for the customer.
  • Design that gives old and new customers an up-to-date image. Creating clean designs that make information finding an easy task for customers and simultaneously creates the impression of a new age design.
  • Creating a visual edge. The emphasis is on developing the brand image with an edge over competitors.

At the end of the audit, we provide a summary analysis to present a quick understanding of where the site stands, the possible problem areas and the required set of actions. A thorough analysis detects weak points that hinder website performance.


The audit provides ways to increase outreach through the website. Which further improves accessibility for old customers and visibility for new ones.


If you wish to bring out the image that mirrors your work while being in sync with the latest trends and your target audience then you can contact us at  for your website audit.


This is an unsolicited and unofficial conceptual auditing of Woodall Creative and Rock, Paper Scissor Creative Communication Group.

The guiding principle for the design is focused on providing better user experience and usability.

Abhishek Sharma
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