Developing a product that mirrors client personality
Built theme for a personalised blogging platform


MoreThanBistro is a writing space for Mr. Sandeep Nagpal where he likes to share his learnings and opinions about life, books, marketing, and other stuff. Through this space, he wanted to give back to the society, his learnings from his vast experience of being and heading marketing teams. He wanted a space where not just he but others can also contribute and weave stories, so we went ahead to create one.



As this blogging website was going to give a glimpse of his personal taste and interests, we started with our fundamental approach to understanding what the client envisions and how to represent it best in what we would create. Sandeep on a personal end is a travel aficionado, a writer and food enthusiast who loves to savor the spice of life. On his professional end, he is a marketing maestro who is also a co-founder of an NGO. The design was created with all of these details in consideration, creating a blend that reflects our client’s varied interests and inclinations.



So be it the design or the graphics; everything was created thoughtfully to resonate with the client. The focus was not just how it looks but also on how it feels and works. Each graphic was created keeping this thought process in mind.


On MoreThanBistro we focused on not just delivering a platform that the client can associate with but also a platform that can be high on usability. We worked on intricate details, experimented and added different complexities to enhance the writing experience. As MoreThanBistro welcomed contributions from other writers, we emphasized on developing it in a way that automated the maximum process, ensuring easier usage in terms of adding the contributor to the circle, reviewing the process, etc.



Once the website was ready we carried out a usability review to identify any usability bloopers that might hinder the experience while using the website. Human-centered design is all about designing for adoption, and you can’t be more confident that the person you’re designing for will use what you’ve made than when they help make it themselves. So we ensured back and forth revision to be in sync with clients requirements and this helped in developing MoreThanBistro the way it was envisioned.


This project paved way for a lasting partnership. The bond we developed while creating and launching the website later culminated into us building a product together.


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