DevOps Bootcamp
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A Bootcamp for all enthusiasts who are keen to learn more about servers and becoming a system administrator.

Learn how servers are set up, managed and should be given access to eligible individuals only.
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Vaibhav Rathore
Vaibhav Rathore
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DevOps Bootcamp
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What is the program plan?


Day 1 – Linux Fundamentals and LAMP stack
Basic Linux commands and server stack installation including Apache, PHP, and MySQL from CLI.


Day 2 – Code Repositories, Shell Scripting and Vhost using custom domains
Learn how Git and Github help in deploying the source code. Writing shell scripts and playing with the web server for hosting a website locally with a custom domain.


Day 3 – Gearing up for AWS
Introduction to Amazon Web Sevices. Creating a free server and get started with your own globally hosted website.