Product (digital) Design
why learn product design?
About the session
A practical approach to solving real world problems by designing a digital product.
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Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma
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Product (digital) Design
Session Details

Key takeaways

  • Creative approach to problem solving
  • Going from a thought or idea to a digital product
  • Exposure into the process of product design
  • Generate ideas and refine it through feedback
  • Hands-on learning by doing
  • A software product designed all by you

Session plan


  • Overview of approach to product design
  • Create a brief for the vision of the project
  • Create a requirements document exploring the idea and challenges


  • Document the different kinds of people who will be using
  • Document the solutions under each of the high level components
  • Create milestones of how the product will be built


  • Create a prototype with UX flow for the solution
  • Create wireframes translating the flow onto screens
  • Get feedback to make sure all of the problems are being solved through the prototype.


  • Optimize the workflow for optimised and easier to use interface
  • Create a color palette, typography set and mood board
  • Put it all together to get the right look and feel for the product