WordPress Bootcamp
why learn WordPress?
About the session
The bootcamp focuses on solving a real-life challenge using the most popular Content Management System, WordPress.

The session targets understanding a framework and it's workflow. Learn how you can build world-class features using best practices in the WordPress.
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Vaibhav Rathore
Vaibhav Rathore
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WordPress Bootcamp
Session Details

What all you will learn?

This program is designed to introduce candidates to a web framework. This covers understanding WordPress and what makes it the most popular Content Management System.

You will understand what any framework has to offer and how you can best utilize them. Apart from that, you’ll also learn multiple tools and web development practices that make web development easy and organized.


What skills do you need to be a part of it?

First thing in the checklist is your interest in becoming a web developer. Once you have ticked that, rest comes easy.

Next, and most important, is PHP. If you’ve attended our PHP Bootcamp, then hop aboard. If you haven’t but still know the basics of PHP, you are all set to join.

For a smooth learning experience, you will need a laptop you can code on and an internet connection. With all of this, you are set to start.


What is the program plan?


Day 1 – Introduction to the framework and WordPress installation
You’ll know about WordPress, why WordPress, CMS, and more terminologies. You’ll install the framework and will see why it’s popular for its 5-minute installation.


Day 2 – Creating a basic WordPress theme.
You’ll create a simple WordPress theme using Bootstrap4 and will see how WordPress does the magic with just a couple of files.


Day 3 – Taking your theme to the next level.
You’ll make your site content dynamic and will see the why WordPress is the world’s best CMS.


Day 4 – Creating a custom WordPress plugin.
WordPress plugins work independently and provide more features to your application. You’ll create one such plugin that will make your application more robust.


Day 5 – Version Control and launching your application.
You’ll maintain the source code of your project and will launch it in the web.