Creating a consistent and value based experience of building websites
Abhishek Sharma
December 11, 2017
There is a little coffee shop close to our office, BiziBean, and we visit it very oftenly. They brew some great coffee. We’ve been going there for over 2 years now. We know the value and experience we’re going to get there, and that’s what keeps us coming back. Which must also be true for all the other people who visit this there. It almost always is running full capacity.
If there’s one thing that’s common between BiziBean and ColoredCow, it’s our belief of brewing great work for our customers. But it wouldn’t be enough to do it just once. As a part of our levelling up, we worked on a structure to strengthen this belief of creating a consistent and value based websites. We want to help businesses solve their challenges and achieve goals through their website. The need for the businesses can vary, but we always want to give back the value that is expected of us.