Two-way communication

A community impact platform built on top of WhatsApp. It enables NGOs to chat with their beneficiaries to support them in their journey for an uplifted life.


An open-source platform in partnership with Tech4Dev

Product journey

It’s great to see the team take the extra mile and achieve more! Happy for Satendra, we can’t wait to see his work.

Posted by ColoredCow on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Rapid prototyping of the system architecture reveals the following tech stack for the product. We believe that’s the…

Posted by ColoredCow on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Looking at the product from eagle-eye and insider eye, the technology has been chosen to cater to various aspects to be…

Posted by ColoredCow on Saturday, 16 May 2020

Starting a new project is like opening a door. Out to another great adventure.
Each has its own unique journey. Its own…

Posted by ColoredCow on Monday, 18 May 2020

They say Open source, we say yay! They say social impact, we say hurray! They say we’ll stand here and watch, we say…

Posted by ColoredCow on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

With a mission, a team, and a community we're excited to get started with this open-source project. Because open source…

Posted by ColoredCow on Monday, 18 May 2020

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Providing a better solution for streaming your zoom recordings on your platform
We recently got a problem statement from one of our clients. They have an education platform for which they are...
By  Satendra Rawat written on  November 19, 2020
WhatsApp Simulation within Glific
Glific aims to empower non-profits to take their communications to the next level through seamless integration with WhatsApp. While the...
By  Vaibhav Rathore written on  October 28, 2020
Experiments with GitHub CLI
Something caught my eyes when I opened up my GitHub account a few days back. In the spotlight, GitHub was...
By  Abhishek Pokhriyal written on  October 1, 2020
Overview: Deploying Glific on AWS ECS fargate with CD in place
The Glific project is being built by a distributed team, working across timezones. In addition to that, we have sub-teams...
By  Satendra Rawat written on  September 10, 2020
v0.1 of improving human lives through communications
Glific v0.1 arrives (4:54 min detailed demo video below) Communicating with the beneficiaries is as important a part of an...
By  Abhishek Sharma written on  July 9, 2020
1 simple change for great product demos
While we’re building Glific, we are staying open to feedback from the stakeholders. We’re open for the possibility to iterate...
By  Abhishek Sharma written on  July 8, 2020
Glific – Setting up the right foundation
The strength of a building is heavily influenced by its construction process. Planning and plotting of the site determine its...
By  Vaibhav Rathore written on  June 15, 2020
From Procedural to Functional Programming
It’s been almost a month I’m working on the open-source project with Tech4Dev. Prior to this, I had been a...
By  Pankaj Agarwal written on  June 6, 2020
Continuous integration & deployment for open source project
“TO ERR IS HUMAN” – It is natural for human beings to make mistakes.   Though it sounds ideal, you...
By  Satendra Rawat written on  May 28, 2020

Found something interesting or want to engage with the product? Write to us.

Found something interesting or want to engage with the product? Write to us.