Continuous integrations and deployments

By Satendra Rawat

June 6, 2020

Your first WordPress Theme

By Tushar Bohra

March 18, 2020

Handling the data

By Vaibhav Rathore

September 13, 2018

Introduction to Software Development

By Vaibhav Rathore

September 1, 2018

Developing interfaces

By Vaibhav Rathore

March 8, 2018

DevOps Bootcamp

By Vaibhav Rathore

December 15, 2017

What is the program plan?   Day 1 – Linux Fundamentals and LAMP stack Basic Linux commands and server stack installation including Apache, PHP, and MySQL from CLI.   Day 2 – Code Repositories, Shell Scripting and Vhost using custom domains Learn how Git and Github help in deploying the…

How to test your code effectively

By Vaibhav Rathore

December 13, 2017

What all you will learn? This program is designed to introduce candidates to writing test cases for your code and producing a clean and optimized code. This covers understanding Unit Testing and Acceptance testing for any module/feature you build.   What skills do you need to be a part of it? First and…

PHP Bootcamp and SOLID Principles

By Adiba Ahmed

October 30, 2017

What all you will learn? This program is designed to introduce candidates to web development. This covers all aspects of web development from using the right tools and workflows to creating a small application using PHP/MYSQL. You will understand the importance of right tools while strengthening your fundamentals of PHP….

WordPress Bootcamp

By ColoredCow

November 9, 2017

What all you will learn? This program is designed to introduce candidates to a web framework. This covers understanding WordPress and what makes it the most popular Content Management System. You will understand what any framework has to offer and how you can best utilize them. Apart from that, you’ll…

Fundamentals of software development while developing a laravel webapp

By Himanshu Dhiman

October 4, 2017

  What you will build? RSVP is an ancient practice that originated in France. In case of a gathering or social events, When the host invites guests to an event, the guests should respond back to the host acknowledging the invite and confirming their presence/absence at the event. In the programme,…

Laravel Bootcamp

By ColoredCow

October 5, 2017

What you will build? You will be building a web application in this boot camp using the Laravel framework. You will start with a real-life problem statement and work towards incrementally building an application to solve the problem. To develop this solution you will cover different aspects of SDLC while learning…